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The Ultimate Guide to Installing a Backyard Court

Sports not only provide great exercise for your family, but they help to foster teamwork, healthy competition, and a sense of pride and accomplishment. If you are getting ready to install a backyard court for your Las Vegas home, here are a few factors to consider prior to the installation to get the most enjoyment out of your custom court.


Sports that You Plan on Playing

Whether you are focused on a single sport, like tennis or basketball, or you would like to install a multi-game court, knowing which games will be played will influence not only the size of the court, but its layout, the accessories you need, and the choice of surface materials.

The Size of the Court

Tennis courts are considerably larger than pickleball courts or basketball courts, while hockey courts are larger than all three. Depending on your available space, you may have to settle for a smaller court than the official size or a half-court, in the case of basketball. If you have plenty of room, a multi-game court in the footprint of a tennis court is a great option.

Surface Grading

Before installing a custom court, it is a good idea to have your backyard properly graded to create a consistent, level surface to build on. Now is a good time to address any drainage issues as well, in order to prevent erosion and undermining after the court is installed.

Court Orientation

Ideally, any backyard court should be oriented north to south to avoid sunshine in your eyes and glare when playing. Courts that face east to west can be particularly hard to use when the sun is rising or setting.

Surface Materials

Turf, acrylic, and cushioned surfaces are all excellent materials for outdoor courts, depending on the game, while hardwoods and cushioned services work well for interior courts. For the best game performance, you should choose quality base materials, like gravel or road base, along with a solid subsurface, like asphalt or concrete, followed by the finished surface. For the ultimate in playability, consider a professional-grade cushioned surface.

Court Lighting

The gameplay does not need to stop at dusk. With the appropriate lighting solutions, you can enjoy your custom court long after dark, which can be quite beneficial during the hotter parts of the year in the Las Vegas area.

Storage Solutions

Whether your court is designed for one game or several, you will need a place to store and safeguard all your sports equipment. A quality shed can keep your equipment out of the rain and sun while keeping it secure and protected.

Custom Backyard Courts in Las Vegas

When you need a skilled team to design and install your custom backyard court in the Las Vegas area, turn to our experts at Legendary Sports Construction. We can build you the ultimate tennis court, basketball court, pickleball court, hockey court, or multi-game solution with advanced play surfaces that offer enhanced game performance and playability while helping to reduce joint stress and injuries. 

We have installed custom courts for many top athletes and organizations, and we have over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial court installations.

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