Pickleball court in Las Vegas, Nevada

Your Guide to Owning a Pickleball Court: Maintenance & More

For those who love the game of pickleball, having your own custom pickleball court built is the ultimate way to enjoy the game with friends and family without taking too much time out of the day or having to share the court with other groups. This guide will discuss how to design, set up, and maintain your backyard pickleball court so that it will give you the most enjoyment possible.

Designing Your Custom Court 

The most important part of building a backyard pickleball court is choosing its size. Not every home has the room to install a full-size, regulation court, but selecting a size that is playable while making the most use of the available space is a worthy goal.

If you can swing it, putting in a full-sized court is ideal. According to the USA Pickleball, the official size for a pickleball court is 44 feet by 20 feet for the playable area, with a total of 64 by 34 feet when the out-of-bounds area is included.

When a smaller court is needed, the best place to skimp is the out-of-bounds area. By reducing its size to 60 by 30 feet, you can maintain the playability of an official-sized court while squeezing it into a smaller total area.

If that still isn’t small enough, the dimensions can be scaled down proportionally to achieve an enjoyable court that is near to the official size. For example, a court-sized at 90% would have a playable area of about 39 ½ feet by 18 feet, or about 54 by 27 feet with the out-of-bounds area.

To finish off the court, consider adding lighting to play after dark, and a high-performance cushioned surface to reduce joint stress and injuries.

Court Construction

The land where the court will be built will need to be cleared of brush and debris. Then, the court installers will come in to build a suitable base of stone and gravel topped by asphalt or concrete, finishing it off with the play surface of your choice, whether that is an acyclic coating or a cushioned surface.

Lines will be painted along the perimeter of the playable area, as well as at the appropriate locations to designate the non-volley zones or kitchens and the left and right serving areas on each size. The net and all accessories will then be installed.

Court Maintenance

To keep your custom pickleball court looking great and playing like new, all that is needed is the occasional sweeping and spray-down with a hose. Once the play surface starts to show signs of wear, it should be recoated if it is acrylic or repaired if it is a cushioned surface, and the lines should be repainted as they become stained or faded. Finally, the net should be tightened or replaced as needed.

Building a Custom Pickleball Court in the Las Vegas Area

If you want to upgrade your Las Vegas home by installing your own custom pickleball court, talk to our experts at Sport Court Las Vegas. We can design and install a court that is the perfect size for your needs. We build custom pickleball, tennis, basketball, and multi-sport courts in the Las Vegas area. We also offer our exclusive SportGame Pickleball™ advanced play surface that offers enhanced gameplay while reducing injuries and joint stress.

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