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Pickleball Court Dimensions: A Complete Breakdown

Pickleball is a fast-growing sport that combines elements of tennis, ping pong, and badminton, creating a lively and exciting game that is perfect for competition or for playing with friends and family. If you are considering a pickleball court for your home or commercial property, here is everything you need to know about court sizing, layout, and more!

Selecting the Ideal Court Size For Your Needs

When designing a court for pickleball, it is important to consider using official court dimensions, especially for those engaging in tournaments or professional play. The governing body for the sport in the United States is Pickleball USA, and according to their specifications, the official court size is 44 feet long by 20 feet wide, which is surrounded by an out-of-bounds area of 10 feet at each end and 7 feet at each size, bringing the total space required to 64 feet by 34 feet.

A net divides the playable area in half, with a 7-foot non-volley zone, often called the kitchen, on each side, indicated by a line running parallel to the net. The rest of the area on each end of the court is divided in half by a line running perpendicular to the non-volley zone, creating left and right service zones on each side of the court that are 10 by 15 feet in size. Another set of lines outlines the perimeter of the play area and the beginning of the out-of-bounds zone.

If space is a limiting factor in your court installation, the size of the court can be reduced while still providing excellent gameplay. Sometimes, just the size of the out-of-bounds areas can be cut down, to 60 by 30 feet, for instance, leaving a sizable yet slightly reduced buffer zone without compromising the official play area size of 44 by 20 feet.

When a full-sized court is simply not possible, the court can be scaled down to a percentage of the official court size, creating a fun, playable surface that fits within your limited space. For instance, reducing the dimensions to 80% yields a play area of about 35 feet by 16 feet.

Choosing a Court Surface

There are different types of surfaces you can choose from for your pickleball court, depending on whether you are building an inside court, an outside court, a professional court, or just one for family fun. These include:

  • Turf – Turf courts made from grass are economical but they may not offer the best ball response.
  • Wood – Ideal for inside courts, wood surfaces offer a good balance of cost and playability.
  • Acrylic – The choice for many outdoor courts, acrylic surfaces offer excellent playability and responsiveness.

Custom Pickleball Courts in Las Vegas

When you are ready to build your custom pickleball court in the Las Vegas area, talk to our team at Legendary Sports Construction. We have nearly two decades of experience building world-class pickleball courts for both residential and commercial spaces. We are proud to have some of the world’s top athletes and organizations as our clients, and we offer unparalleled service and quality.

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