Active play of doubles in pickleball

Why We’re All-in on the Pickleball Craze

Pickleball is more than a sport; it’s a phenomenon sweeping communities across the nation and igniting passion in players of all ages and backgrounds. And we are not immune to its impact!  

At Legendary Sports Construction, we have recognized the transformative power of pickleball in bringing people together and have witnessed firsthand its rise in popularity. Our commitment to building top-notch residential and commercial sports facilities is matched by our passion for creating spaces where communities can connect, play, and grow, and pickleball has done just that.

Keep reading to discover the influence pickleball continues to have in the United States, ways it differs from other racket sports like tennis, how to get started if you’re new to the game, and ways our company is playing a pivotal role to nurture this growing community.

The Rise of Pickleball: More Than a Trend

What started as a backyard pastime in 1965 has evolved into the pickleball craze we know today. According to the 2024 Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) Topline Participation Report, pickleball has claimed the title of America’s fastest-growing sport for the third year in a row, growing by 51.8% from 2022 to 2023, and an incredible 223.5% in three years. USA Pickleball cites from the report that there are an estimated 13.6 million pickleball players in the United States, including top entertainers and celebrities who have embraced it.

Why Is Pickleball So Popular?

The answer lies in its unique blend of accessibility, competitive spirit, and community culture. Pickleball appeals to all ages (from teenagers to retirees), is easy to learn, can be played competitively or recreationally, and fosters a unique sense of community.

Community and Social Interaction

Because of its low barrier to entry, pickleball is an inclusive option for athletes and novices alike, whether you’re young or old. That means it is an inherently social sport, bringing various groups of people within the community together.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Another reason this sport has become so popular, especially among senior players, is its numerous health benefits, including improved reflexes, balance, and cardiovascular health. Not to mention, it’s a fun way to stay active, improving mental stimulation and offering stress relief.

Intergenerational and Experiential Play

Pickleball bridges the intergenerational gap so families can play a single sport together, or residents can get to know other members of their community in varying seasons of life. Some of the dynamics you might see on the court include:

  • Novices New to the sport but able to jump in and start playing thanks to its straightforward rules and smaller court size.

  • Recreational players Many casual players love pickleball, enjoying the competitive play without the pressures and intensity of more demanding sports.

  • Seniors The sport is incredibly popular among older adults, offering them a means of exercise, social interaction, and competitive challenge without some of the physical risks associated with other recreational activities.

  • Young and competitive athletes Younger players and competitive athletes can enjoy more fast-paced, strategic games with players of their player rating. This offers a competitive outlet to showcase their athleticism and opportunities to participate in leagues, tournaments, and even professional play.

Competitive Potential

While pickleball can be enjoyed recreationally, there is still a lot of competitive potential within the sport. Pickleball players pride themselves on their inclusion and mutual support within a competitive environment. Players of all skill levels are welcomed and can compete against others in a similar skill bracket at local, regional, and even national tournaments.

How Does Pickleball Differ From Tennis?

Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, but the greatest question asked about the sport is how it differs from its counterpart: tennis. Below is a brief overview of some of its inherent differences:

  • Court size and layout Pickleball courts are significantly smaller than tennis courts, which makes them easier to manage for beginners and individuals looking for a less physically demanding sport.

  • Equipment Pickleball requires solid paddles that are larger than table ping-pong paddles but smaller than tennis rackets. Additionally, pickleball uses a plastic ball that’s much lighter than a tennis ball.

  • Scoring One of the most confusing parts of pickleball is scoring, although, surprisingly, it’s not quite as complex as tennis.

  • Serving Pickleball players must serve underhand and diagonally across the court, whereas tennis players serve overhand and can aim for any part of the court, as long as it’s in bounds.

  • Non-volley zone Unlike tennis, pickleball has a non-volley zone called “the kitchen.” This prevents players from using the more aggressive volleys found in tennis so the sport can easily be played by players of all ages.

  • Pace of the game Pickleball generally has a slower pace to the game than tennis, appealing to older and younger players getting started.

  • Physicality and accessibility The smaller courts and game rules make the sport more accessible to players with limited mobility or new to the game.
  • Social aspects While tennis and pickleball both have a reputation for being excellent sports for socializing, pickleball is particularly community-oriented.

Where to Start?

Playing pickleball is great for beginners. Not only will you find a welcoming community ready to help you understand the game, but if you have any experience playing tennis, badminton, or ping-pong, you’ll already have a head start once you have your pickleball paddle in hand.

Step 1: Understand the Basics

  • The Court and Equipment
  • Scoring System
  • Serving Rules

Step 2: Find a Court Near You

Visit USA Pickleball to search for a court nearby. Some courts will be free to the community while others may have a monthly or annual membership fee. 

Step 3: Try a Game

Bring a friend or family member to learn with you or visit your local community or recreational center to join a game with others in your community. There are many local social media groups you can join to get to know others in your community playing pickleball. Get to know them and ask if you can join them for a game.

Step 4: Take a Lesson

Often, you can find experienced pickleball instructors near you who offer private or group lessons. Join a lesson to learn some of the basics or helpful tips to master the game. 

Step 5: Master the Techniques

There are few advanced techniques and strategies you can start to explore once you get used to the game. 

Step 6: Begin the Obsession

Many find after a few games that they quickly become obsessed with the sport. Understand the 5 stages you may find yourself: 

How Legendary Sports Construction Is Building the Pickleball Community

At Legendary Sports Construction, our passion for pickleball goes beyond observing its growth—we’re actively participating in and contributing to the expansion of this incredible sport. Understanding that the foundation of any great sport lies in its facilities, we pride ourselves on constructing high-quality, durable pickleball courts for both residential and commercial use that serve as the lifeblood of the community.

Our vision behind this pursuit:

Dedication to Quality

We use the very best materials and latest technology in our pickleball court construction to ensure each court meets the highest standards of playability, safety, and longevity for our customers.

Fostering Community Engagement

Pickleball has the power to improve community engagement. Our courts are more than just playing spaces; they are community hubs where players of all ages and skill levels can gather, learn, and grow.

Supporting Growth at Every Level

We offer commercial or residential courts to support local communities:

For Residential

You can prioritize health and wellness for yourself, time outdoors with your family, or even become a place to gather friends, neighbors, and family to enjoy a game by building a residential court in your own backyard.

Ongoing Maintenance

We want to provide courts that last. Knowing you’re busy, we partner with you to ensure you get the best quality court and ongoing maintenance you need to protect it.

Through our dedication to quality construction and community support, Legendary Sports Construction is not just building courts—we’re building the future of pickleball. Join us in this exciting journey and experience the joy and community spirit that only pickleball can offer.